Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stop Before It's Too Late!

            LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE              

    We see this issue playing out almost everyday of our lives. When we walk by a fast food place or purchase a meal from somewhere like McDonalds, we are unknowingly apart of what's occuring. When we start munching on those delicious chicken nuggets, we aren't concerning ourselves with where it may have come from.
     Little do we know that farmers now adays, working with industrial agriculture, are fattening their chickens to meet the high demands of poultry within our societies. They are changing the typical image of a chicken to large, plump, and fat. The success of the agriculture industry has come at a high price. The animals deserve to be treated with dignity. Not only is the agriculture industry keeping up with the rapid growth of the global human population, but they are going above and beyond. They are doing more than is required which is putting others in jeopardy.

     Chickens are apart of the few highly productive livestock breeds that most of us consume from a day to day basis. While these highly productive livestock are continuing to produce in vast amounts, genetic diversity is slowly being reduced. Some less productive breeds are even becoming extinct from our selfishlike ways. Not only is the agricultural industry slowly affecting our organisms and species, but they are also polluting the air , bodies of water and some of our ecosystems. Their methods of factory farming are releasing harsh pollutants into our atmosphere, creating a risk for our health.    

     There are, however, those out there who are determined to practice moral and ethical duties when it comes to producing food for the general public. Sustainable agriculture is a method of farming that acknowledges how important it is to have harmony between what we eat and our environment. They are not the favourable industry at this time because their food is more expensive compared to the cheap and affordable foods the industrial agriculture organizations are producing. These particular benefits do not outweigh the risks of distorting the organisms of our environment.

Our health and well-being and the well-being of our environment is much more important than accessing cheap and convenient foods. We must make sustainable agriculture a priority as opposed to having it as an option to possibly consider in the furture. The time is now!

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  1. It's true, we have to stop before it's too late. The way industrial farmers farms is disrespectful to the animals. It's also harming our planet in a variety of ways that we're not able to see yet, but gradually it'll all surface. Not only is the food bad for our health, it's also bad for the environment. We should stop this, as we want all living species on earth to be able to live. We can still survive with sustainable agriculture and possibly live longer as it's healthier and does good for nature. I'm glad we're doing a blog on this topic as it raises awareness!

  2. we human do have the short sight and didn't recognized that the environment was being over violating. Some of the people, aimed on their own luxury, using chemicals on controlling the species, even using chemical to make money, the fast food we ate, was not suitable for us to eat, as the overusing of chemical, so to the environment, the overusing of chemical and manual distraction on the nature was too outrageous which we will face what we had done to the earth so soon. Viewing the history of earth, we human did a lot modification on earth which aren't sustainable. yet it give luxury which i think we should go to the equilibrium, using the sustainable agriculture with less consuming on livestock at meals, but to be more "veggies" so to reduce the demand on the livestocks.

  3. While I do enjoy my McNuggets, it's definitely not worth the guilty conscience that hangs over me after a few bites. It's impossible not to feel sorry for them; after all, they've spent their entire lives exclusively as 'livestock'. Technically, we see chicken on a nearly daily basis, either in friends' lunchboxes or your own. Rather sad. :(

    But as you pointed out, the repercussions of industrial farming go well beyond animal welfare issues. The environment is suffering, too, therefore putting every living being on earth at risk. The consequences may not be apparent yet, but I feel like there will come a day where the build-up will hit us all at once. Like you said, the time to put a stop to all of this is now - before it's too late!


  4. It's hard to think that when i bite into a burger that it could have been grown in an overcrowded unsanitary factory. It's saddening to know that they are genetically changing chickens into a more fatty animal just so they can make more money. Abandoning Industrial Agriculture and taking up Sustainable Agriculture is much more beneficial and healthy. Although i do feel bad eating meat i would feel much better knowing it had somewhat of a "normal" life instead of being locked inside a cage for weeks until it is killed. You're right we need to take action to stop the violation of both animals, crops and our environment!

    Nicole Duffy-LeBlanc
    SBI3U1 #04

  5. There are so many downsides to industrial agriculture; the environment, our own health, even biodiversity is being affected. But the thing that struck me the most is how the animals are treated on these farms. It disgusts me; they're fattened up for slaughter, and then left in such crowded spaces. Like you said, we're going above and beyond the necessary production. They're kept in cages so small they can't move. It's cruel. And it's affecting us. These animals get diseases from conditions like this, and we are consuming them. Anyway, there are just better ways which are available to us. Sustainable agriculture is the way to go.

  6. I agree with you, sustainable agriculture is not as widly used as industrial agriculture, but we have to make it a priority. This way, we would not only benefit ourselves, by making our food healthier, but the environment would also benefit from less pollution. I understand why people use industrial agriculture though. It makes more produce and it's faster and it's more cheaper, but this method has more cons than its pros. While sustainable farming conserves biodiversity and the environment, industrial agricultural meets the needs of food for a growing population more than sustainable agriculture. There needs to be balance between the two. I especially think that fattening and grooming animals in the industrial agricultural is wrong, as animals have their rights too. More and more people forget these issues, but it's time we take action and solve the problems we created. Anyway, great BioBlog!

  7. I agree with your points. Animals should not be treated with so little respect. When we eat, we do not tend to think about where the food came from or how it got on our plate. Not only do our crops and animals suffer, our environment is suffering and we also breath in a lot of pollutants. Sustainable agriculture is a much better choice but industrial agriculture is favoured right now. Cheap food does not outweigh the risks of reducing biodiversity. We need to make sustainable agriculture the favourable way of producing food or we may be setting ourselves up for many more problems to come.

  8. Excellent blog Claudia! I found it very informative and interesting. I especially enjoyed how your introduction was very eye catching because you talked about Mcdonalds Chicken McNuggets, which are very popular. I also like your visuals, like the the over sized chicken. I completely agree with what your views are on sustainable agriculture, and agree with you when you say we need to implement it. Overall I thought your blog was very well written and you made some very good points!

  9. great blog claudia!
    I think that animals should be treated with respect too and that is exactly what sustainable agriculture promotes. They let the animals live and carry out their natural behaviors. The chickens are also not overly fed like how you pointed out in the beginning instead, they are fed their natural diet. Your pictures helped me visualize the point you were trying to make. I completely agree with your last statement when you said that the time is now because what ever harmful thing we do now will affect the next future generation. Sustainable agriculture should be promoted more to the public.

  10. I love you blog.
    It's really sad to see the cruelty and pain the animals go through at an industrial farm. Also, a factory farm can do so much to the environment and still it is the Number 1 Method, these days. Sustainable Agriculture is definitely the better way to go as less animals are harmed and the environment is left clean. Even though, it may be a little more pricey, the damage is way less compared to industrial agriculture. Moreover industrial agriculture food may be cheaper but the damage done makes it a whole lot costly.
    Great Blog

  11. I really like your blog Claudia, and I agree with what you have said. Although we may not be able to see it yet, industrial agriculture is a large problem, and will affect us in the near future. I really liked when you brought up the chickens, it was very interesting and I know I have not considered chicken's being a problem before, I always just considered meat in general. Although we may think we are doing good for the environment, we really are not, and I agree that animals should be treated with respect, just as we are.

  12. Hey! I really like your blog and the points that you have made. I think that we often don't pay any attention to what we are eating and don't realize that we are eating is extremely harsh for our health. I like how you used Mc Donald's as an example since we all LOVE to eat it, but another example is KFC and the treatment that they give to their chickens so that they reproduce at a much rapid speed. Also, people don't realize the problem that there is with industrial agriculture, however sustainable agriculture needs to become more dominant. Bye!

  13. Hey Claudia! "Our health and well-being and the well-being of our environment is much more important than accessing cheap and convenient foods." I totally agree with that, I must say! Although we haven’t been taking full care of the planet and the animals that God has given us to take responsibility of, I believe we all are sent to this very environment to make a change. Things would have to get worse before it gets better right? Good job with the blog, by the way. :)

  14. Hey, you did a great job on your blog, you definitely had a different persepective on the issue that not many others had. Your introduction was very good too, you really made the whole issue apply to us today. You made everything flow and used a couple of key terms here and there, which made it very interesting. The only thing i would say could be better is the second paragraph, it is kind of stating facts that are sound somewhat nonrelated (or doesn't fit) with each other, otherwise your blog was great :)

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