Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GREEN QUEST- Green Diagnostics

     A well-known company named "Quest Diagnostics" embarked on a project named, GreenQuest in 2008. They have found new ways to reduce our environmental footprints, recycle or reuse materials and conserve energy. Their quest to be an environmentally conscious company is an inspirational effort to help all of us positively affect the biodiversity of our ecosystems. They care for the environment as well as the health and well-being of all human beings.

They established groups of employee volunteers called GreenTeams. These teams work together to brainstorm positive human interventions on our environment and identify specific green projects. Some participated in projects to recycle batteries, ink and toner cartridges, and even sneakers, often donating proceeds to local charities. Others took on projects that improved the efficiency of our facilities, such as replacing inefficient light bulbs and eliminating wasteful water consumption. Whether their initiatives are big or small, the GreenTeams continue to think of new ways to make Earth a more environmentally friendly place for all of us to live in.
In 2008, Quest Diagnostics tackled on a system wide conservation effort to reduce energy and water consumption. They also took steps to cut down on the amount of waste generated by various facilities.
From 2007 to 2008, their facilities reduced:
·        electricity consumption by 4%
·        water consumption by 7%
·        garbage generation by 17%
·        bio hazardous waste generation by 14%
One enterprise wide effort was to convert paper pay stubs to an electronic self-serve format, forever eliminating the consumption of hundreds of pounds of printing paper and ink, and the resources needed to transport that mail across the country. Another project being widely replicated is the introduction of reusable waste containers. This eliminates the needless manufacturing and disposal of tens of thousands of pounds of plastic materials. Even the simple idea of replacing manual paper towel dispensers in our bathrooms with electronic models yielded significant savings and reduced waste by 4400 lbs. of paper a year. That's equivalent to 37 trees not being harvested.

Car-Pooling Program
In order to improve our environmental footprint, they not only look at how we work, but how we commute to work. In 2009, they launched an interactive application to their GreenQuest employee website. This new feature allows employees of Quest Diagnostics to connect with other employees in their community and coordinate ride-share opportunities. By simply sharing a ride with one other person their employees can save up to 50% in car maintenance, repair, tolls and parking costs. What’s more, for every gallon of gas they save, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide are prevented from reaching the atmosphere.




  1. I think this group Green Quest is making a huge impact to try and change the way people live. To help preserve and save the enviroment people need to change their life styles a bit. Green Quest shows that they care about the earth and gives great tips on how ordinary people can help. I'm also happy to see that there are so many organizations out there who are passionate about being "green". Nowadays I think it's crucial for people to act like the people of Green Quest because almost everything we do revolves around technology. Green Quest is helping to make our enviromental state much better!

  2. It is great to see other human beings taking action to conserve the biodiversity of living things. Hearing all of these positive actions would impact changes in my daily living such as car pooling more often, and pushing more into energy saving. Even though it doesn't seem much, its a start for me. I encourage others to start doing this as well because we only have one earth. All these efforts made by Quest Diagnostics, helping reduce energy and water, eases me a little. There is hope for a better living future.

  3. This project, Green Quest, is a wonderful start to conserving our resources. I feel that most people say that they'll go green, but they don't actually give it much thought. "Going green" may be just recycling to some people, they don't realize all the other things they could do everyday to help the planet. It's great that green teams are brainstorming ideas to incorporate being green in our lives, for example, instead of mailing our bills to us and wasting countless number of paper, we can simply check our bills online. Green quest's results on reducing electricity, water, garbage, biohazardous waste and carbon dioxide is a great start. I really hope they keep it up because alot of humans take these resources for granted. We're very fortunate to have what we have.

  4. What a great project, Green Quest! I think that you've made the right decision to write about this project because it'll help all the humans everywhere around the world to reduce our environmental footprints and it'll also give them ideas on what's better for them to do in order to have a healthy environment such as car-pooling, recycle or reuse materials and saving energy. I also think that this will also change our lives because it will help us to have a better environment and healthy living with our families because the earth is in our hands and we should protect it from all the damages we have caused.

  5. The Green Quest project is really inspiring and is helpful. I think that the ideas that the Green Quest team has projected in terms of going green are great and are easy to follow. The brainstormed ideas are not even really big things for us to do, but yet they have helped the environment in such great ways and the quality of living for others. Also, looking at the stats of how much we've conserved from 2007-2008 gives me hope that we can make our future and other peoples future better.

  6. Considering the Green Quest project is relatively new (only being established in 2008) it has made remarkable successes. It is inspiring to think that such a newly developed country has already made so much progress in the green movement and the significant decreases it has made already on consumption of energies.
    ("electricity consumption by 4%, water consumption by 7%, garbage generation by 17%, bio hazardous waste generation by 14%"). It's remarkable to see such a new organization take off so well, and see how hard work and determination really pays off. The successes this organization has already is only a glimpse of what to see of them in the future and I hope they develop into a more widely known organization because what they're doing is truly remarkable.

  7. I acknowledge their efforts in conserving the Earth's natural resources. Organizations like Green Quest provide inspiration and encouragement to positively affect the biodiversity of our ecosystems. By educating the public the effects of our consumption and by providing solutions to these problems, it will allow more people to be involved in fulfilling the needs of our future generation.

  8. I actually thought this is Mary Ward’s Green Quest when I saw the title. The school club is part of this famous project, isn’t it? Before I joined Green Quest I thought that the club is not doing much, but I found that we are doing huge things to help the environment because we are a part of an organization.
    After read this blog post, what interested me the most are the data numbers. I was especially surprised by “save up to 50% in car maintenance” and “garbage generation by 17%”. This made me reconsider things I can do to help the Earth “go green”. It can be as simple as “pick up the garbage” or “turn off the light.” These are very old ideas, but still need to put in to better action.
    I believe, although one person’s effort seems so little, but together we can make a difference. I think some of these website’s activities like tree planting are actually practical for our school club to do.